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US Powersports Batteries are high-performance and specifically designed for Powersports applications. The Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology creates a sealed maintenance-free battery avoiding exposure to harmful acid. Due to its sealed construction, the battery is also non-spillable and can be side-mounted with ease. USPS batteries are factory activated and are ready for use straight out of the box, simply install and go. USPS boasts a higher capacity, longer discharge, improved cycle life, and a lower self-discharge. The perfect battery for your motorcycle, ATV, personal watercraft, or snowmobile.

– Best quality, hard-wearing ABS case

– Utilising unique “active compounded material”, which withstand vibration and prolongs battery life for superior dependability

– AGM separators, and Valve Regulated design for a completely non spillable, maintenance free battery

– Factory activated – no initial charging required – just install and go!

– Built tough with the best quality ABS case

– AGM Technology – non spillable battery

– Maintenance free – no messing with acid or water for a safer, hassle free, environmentally friendly battery!

– Smooth Welding Technology (SWT) lowers internal resistance to produce more power!

– Smooth Welding Technology: precision production technique to extend battery life and increase capacity


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