MotoBatt Baby Boy Charger




Motobatt BabyBoy 6/12V Charge and Maintain

Quietly maintaining your battery in tip top shape!


  • Perfect low cost charger for smaller battery applications
  • Baby Boy will charge 6V or 12V Small batteries up to 20 Amp Hours
  • Simple flick of a switch selects 6 or 12V Charging


3 Step Microprocessor will bring batteries to Full Charge before transitioning to maintenance mode. Incorporating Overcharge, Reverse Polarity, and Short Circuit Protection.

Babyboy can also be used for charging Toy batteries.

The Motobatt Babyboy is not designed to recharge large, deeply discharged or heavily sulphated batteries.


Charger Type Part Number MBCBABY Baby Boy 6V12V Lead Acid Charger
Voltage 6/12V
Capacity 500mA
Algorithm 3 Step Fully Automatic
Input Auto Switching 100-240VDC 500mA
Max Voltage 7.5V 6 Volt Battery/15V 12 Volt Battery
Input Cable US SPT-2
Application 6 Volt and 12 Volt Lead Acid Batteries, AGM, GEL
Special Features Overcharge protection, Reverse polarity protection, Overload, short circuit protection, Spark Proof
Accessories Included 21″ Ring Terminal connector, 21″ Alligator clip leads
Wall Mountable 110v Mains Socket
Recommended Battery Charging 2-20 Amps

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