MotoBatt 6-12V Pro Electronic Battery and System Tester


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  • Application: 6 and 12V Battery, 12V Charging and Starting System
  • Operating Range: 20-450 CCA
  • Battery Test /Rating Selection: AGM, VRLA / Gel, – CCA(SAE), EN, JIS, DIN, IEC
  • Voltmeter: 1.5 to 30V
  • Load Type: Micro Load Dynamic Resistance
  • Display: 2 line – 16 character LCD
  • Lead Set: 47″ / 119cm, small motorcycle clips
  • Dimensions: Length:7.4″ (188mm), Width: 4″ (102mm), Height: 2″ (21mm)
  • Features: Easy to use, numeric and graphical state of health (SOH) and
    state of charge (SOC) test results, LCD interface, accurately
    tests discharged batteries, Exclusive “Test-N-Charge” capability,
    No Internal battery, durable impact resistant housing with
    protective rubber boot and field replacable clip leads
    (part# MBTCL).
  • Accessories: “Test-N-Charge” cable (Part# MBTEL available seperately) is
    designed to work with “Test-N-Charge” enabled testers
    (MBPro and MBMini) to permanently mount on vehicle battery
    to facilitate fast and easy in-vehicle battery maintenance
    charging and battery starting and charging system testing; all
    through this easily accessible single lead. Includes 9V battery
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