Motodisc MDS134


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Outside Diameter: 250.0mm
Inside Diameter: 118.0mm
Thickness: 3.0mm
Minimum Thickness: 2.5mm
Offset: 0.0mm
Bolt Hole Quantity: 6
Bolt Hole Size: 6.5mm
Bolt Hole Circumference: 134.0mm
Type Of Bolt Hole: Countersunk
Install Position: Front Left


Yamaha   WR450F   [R,S,T,V]   2003-2006   Dirt Bike
Yamaha   WR450F   [W,X,Y]   2007-2009   Dirt Bike
Yamaha   WR450F   [A,B,D,E,F]   2011-2015   Dirt Bike
Yamaha   WR426F   [N,P]   2001-2002   Dirt Bike
Yamaha   WR250F   [F]   2015-2015   Dirt Bike
Yamaha   WR250F   [N,P,R,S,T,V]   2001-2006   Dirt Bike
Yamaha   WR250F   [W,X,Y]   2007-2009   Dirt Bike
Yamaha   WR250F    [A,B,D]   2011-2013   Dirt Bike
Yamaha   YZ450F   [50TH ANNIVERSARY]   2006-2006   Dirt Bike
Yamaha   YZ450F   [X,Y,Z,A,B]   2008-2011   Dirt Bike
Yamaha   YZ450F   [2S2-2581T-70-00]   2007-2007   Dirt Bike
Yamaha   YZ450F   [R,S,T,V]   2003-2006   Dirt Bike
Yamaha   YZ450F   [B,D,E,F]   2012-2015   Dirt Bike
Yamaha   YZ426F   [P]   2002-2002   Dirt Bike
Yamaha   YZ426   [N]   2001-2001   Dirt Bike
Yamaha   YZ250FX   [XF]   2015-2015   Dirt Bike
Yamaha   YZ250F   [50TH ANNIVERSARY]   2006-2006   Dirt Bike
Yamaha   YZ250F   [N,P,R,S,T,V,FW]   2001-2007   Dirt Bike
Yamaha   YZ250F   [XL,XW,YL,YW,ZL,ZW,AL,AB]   2008-2011   Dirt Bike
Yamaha   YZ250F   [B,D,E,F]   2012-2015   Dirt Bike
Yamaha   YZ250   [N1,P,R,S1,T1,V,W1]   2001-2007   Dirt Bike
Yamaha   YZ250   [X1,Y,Z,A1,B1,D2,E2,F2]   2008-2015   Dirt Bike
Yamaha   YZ125   [N1,P,R,S1,T1,V,W1]   2001-2007   Dirt Bike
Yamaha   YZ125   [X1,Y,Z,A1,B1,D2,E2,F2]   2008-2015   Dirt Bike

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