JomThai Front Sprocket JTF1538

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JomThai Front Sprocket JTF1538

Material:SCM420 Chromoly Steel Alloy

15 Teeth
Kawasaki Road
Z750 (ZR750 J1,J2,J6F,L7F,L8F,L9F,LAF,LBF) 04-11
Z750 (ZR750 LCF) 12
Z750 (ZR750 M7F,M8F,M9F,MAF,MBF) ABS 07-11
Z750 (ZR750) ABS 12
Z750 R (ZR750 NBF) 11
Z750 R (ZR750 NCF) 12
Z750 R (ZR750 PBF,PCF) ABS 11-12
Z750 R (ZR750) Black Edition 12
Z750 S (ZR750 S K1,K6F) 05-06
Z800 ADS,AEF,AFF,AGF,BGF (ZR800) 13-16
Z800e CDS,CEF,CFF,CGF (ZR800) 13-16
Z800 Sugomi Edition (ZR800) 16

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