JomThai Front Sprocket JTF1321

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JomThai Front Sprocket JTF1321

13 Teeth
Honda Off Road
CRF250 F-K,L 19-20
CRF250 F-M 21
XR250 RT,RV,RW,RX,RY,R-1,R-2,R-3,R-4 96-04
XR250 III S (Baja) 96
XR250 Baja Japan97-07

Honda Road
CBF250 04-05
CBF250 Brazil
CBX250 Twister Brazil
CRF250 M-D,E,F 13-15
NX250 88-93
XR250 S 96
XR250 Tornado Brazil

14 Teeth
Honda Off Road
CRF250 L/LA-D,E,F,G,H,J,K,M 13-20
CRF250 L Rally 20
CRF250 L Rally ABS 20
CRF250 RL/RLA-H,J 17-18
CRF250 Rally 17

Honda Road
CBF250 R ABS (CBF250 N/NA-J,K) (Japan) Japan18-19
CBF250 R ABS (CBF250 N/NA-J,K) (Malaysia) Malaysia18-19
CBF250 R ABS (CBF250 N/NA-J,K) (Turkey) Turkey18-19
CBR250 R/RA-B,C,D 11-13
CB300 F/FA-F,G,H,J (CB300 F) 15-18
CB300 R/RA-K (CBF300 N) 19
CB300 R/RA-L (CBF300 N) 20
CB300 R/RA-M (CBF300 N) 21
CBR300 R/RA-E,F,G,H,J 14-20
CMX300 A Rebel 17-19
CMX300 A Rebel 20

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