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The S33 (street) sintered compound is ideal for street, cruisers, dual sport and big twin motorcycles. For riders who demand the best in sintered brake pads with a friction rating above HH. This compound provides an outstanding pad life with minimal rotor abrasion. This compound is also a very good choice as rear brakes in road racing.

The S33 (street) series is designed for low abrasive interaction the rotor while providing high braking power, long life and self-cleaning capabilities necessary for off-road riding conditions. Additionally, the S33 rear pads feature a stainless-steel heat shield for thermal isolation.

The S33 (street) compound contains all-metal friction materials and finer metal friction admixtures evenly distributed in the base structure designed to achieve the greatest friction properties possible under heavy conditions.



  • High static friction coefficient across the whole scope of operating condition
  • Low aggressiveness in contact with the brake disc and sufficient resistance to abrasion
  • Self cleaning capability
  • Thermal stability up to 600°C, and even up to 850°C over a short term
  • Long service life
  • Environment-friendly
  • Manufactured by means of a progressive method of powder metallurgy
  • Stainless steel heat shield for thermal isolation on the rear pads
  • The metal-ceramic material can undergo friction in both wet and dry conditions
  • S33 has gradually gained a leading position amongst other sintered brake pads


Range of Application:

  • High performance street bikes
  • Experienced riders demanding high braking performance
  • Excellent brake power and service life
  • Suitable for dry and wet conditions


Material Operating Parameters:

Specific Pressure p< 5 Mpa
Sliding Speed v< 20 m/s
Constant Maximum Temp. 600°C
Short Time Maximum Temp. 850°C
Counter-surfaces steel disks

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