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Upon receiving your order we will reserve the goods for 3 days. If we do not receive your payment within 3 days, the system will automatically cancel your order. We have provided you with few hassle free payment plans.

Method 1..Bank Transfer / ATM transfer / cash or check payment (to encourage Malaysian buyers only)

Recommended for Malaysia customers, direct payment via Online Bank Fund Trasfer / Interbank GIRO / Cash Deposit Machine. Foreign customers without Paypal may use Wire Trasfer with the same details.

We use CIMB Bank and cimbclicks.com.my as our local payment portal:

Bank: CIMB Bank Berhad
Account number: 800-1892-365
Account holder: MC Accessories Sdn Bhd

For Oversea TT Bank information: 
Bank Details:-Beneficiary Identifier:
Beneficiary Name:
Beneficiary Address:
Beneficiary A/C No.:
Beneficiary Bank:

To complete the transaction remember to inform us by email to motor4all@gmail.com together with the following information to help us to process an order:

a. Order reference no.
b. Your name and contact no.
c. Bank Name
d. Banking Date
e. Banking Time
f. Banking Reference No
g. Payment amount you have made and indicate if cash or cheque
h. Cheque number if payment by cheque

Method 2. Credit Card payment in foreign currency

We work with PayPal to represent us as our worldwide payment gateway provider in foreign currency. You do not need to register at Paypal for the transaction. Just pay using your credit card via Paypal and when asked to save your information at the end of the transaction at PayPal, click NO.

Paypal Account : motor4all@gmail.com

PayPal is a global leader in online payments with a total payment volume of US$71 billion in 2009 – approximately 15% of global ecommerce and 16.5% of US ecommerce1. Every 1 out of 3 online shoppers in US has a PayPal account.

Payment via Paypal is guarded with a relentless fraud screens, address (AVS) and card verification (CVV2) checks, and 128-bit encryption for payments. PayPal adheres to international PCI (payment card industry) and CISP (cardholder information security program) standards for data protection. These standards are designed to help protect your from fraud and loss of data. Toydha2u.com does not retain any of your payment card information. To know more, please visit www.paypal.com.


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