New Arrivals! Motobatt Hybrid Battery

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“Go beyond limits”

This technology is unique throughout the world, basically, it is the perfect mix between the advantages of Lead / Acid batteries and Lithium batteries, achieving the best performance in addition to offering a unique versatility thanks to its unique system of adjustable terminals “MFlex” which allows you to replace 92 OE parts number with just 5 Motobatt batteries.

The Best of both Technologies, lithium and lead-acid batteries, combined together to achieve the best performance while compatible with all OEM charging systems.

Motobatt Hybrid compare to lead-acid

● 90% STRONGER in cranking power.
● 30% LIGHTER in weight.
● 500% LONGER, in the life cycle.
● 50% LOWER in self-discharge rate
● FASTER in charging time.
● CONSTANT CRANKING, in cold weather.
● PROTECTION, against over-charging over-discharging and heat .compare

Motobatt Hybrid compare to Lithium

● COMPATIBLE, with all OEM charging system.
● 200% MORE AH, in Capacity.
● TEMPERATURE STABLE, in all weather conditions.
● STRONGER CRANKING, in cold weather.
● ADAPTABLE, to the lead-acid charger.
● MORE CONNECTIONS, extra electronics connections.

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Check out each of our Hybrid batteries below:

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