6 Reasons Why You Should Get a Motobatt Hybrid Battery For Your Motorcycle

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For an avid biker, we know you love your bike and will do anything to give more love and attention to your machine. By love we mean, provide only the best parts and high quality accessories to make your beloved bike looking good at all times. But those are external “cosmetic” accessories. What about the internals or things that work behind the scene?

Yup. We are talking about the battery. The one thing that provide power to the engine before everything else. A weak battery will turn everything sour, especially to you as the owner. Of course you want a powerful and reliable power source for your bike, right? Now, we have just the thing. Our new Motobatt Hybrid battery will be a great companion to your bike because of these 6 reasons. Read on to know what the reasons are.

1. Outstanding Cranking Power

Among all the power that your bike needs, is a strong cranking power. This is the initial power that goes into the engine starter before combustion takes over. Without a strong cranking power, it will be very difficult to get everything started. You might as well just push your bike to start but that will use up all your energy.

Motobatt Hybrid battery provide at least 30% more cranking power as compared to a Lithium or Lead/Acid based batteries. That is a lot of power. You don’t have to worry about weak startups anymore. Your bike will thank you for that.

2. Longer Life Cycle

What’s good is a battery if it can only last for a few months, right? The Motobatt Hybrid battery last longer than any other conventional batteries and it can outlive a Lithium based battery by more than 6 months. The longer life cycle works by charging up the battery in a more efficient method by having a charge and discharge protection mechanism. At the same time it comes with a dynamic cell balancing method to keep everything in place and in check. And finally, the temperature control function enables the battery to discharge at an optimum temperature.

3. Stable and Safe

By reputation, Motobatt batteries are known for its reliability and high quality battery products. It’s no wonder that consumers are starting to show more interest in the yellow coloured battery products. So you can be sure that the hybrid battery inherits the same reliable quality, and better.

Motobatt Hybrid battery uses absorbed glass mat technology inside the battery that provides higher resistance to vibrations and quick power recovery. This will keep the internal works of the battery in optimum condition.

4. Compatibility and Versatility

The Motobatt Hybrid battery is highly versatile and able to replaced hundred types of battery models out there. There are only 5 models of Motobatt Hybrid battery but each one is compatible for many types of motorcycles. With multiple and flexible power terminals, you can be sure that you will find one Hybrid battery that will fit into your bike. The terminals are adjustable and is made of copper coupled with stainless steel lock nuts. It is designed to ensure a solid installation on any type of motorcycle. The Hybrid battery is also compatible with all OEM charging systems.

5. Lightweight

Weight plays an important role when it comes to winning races. That is why Motobatt Hybrid battery is the best choice for your bike. Not only it provides superb cranking power, it is also very light. Many were astounded on how this lightweight battery can have so much power, but that’s just exactly how it is.

6. It’s On Sale!

And the final reason on why you should get a Motobatt Hybrid battery is because it’s on sale now! Motor4All is giving you guys up to 10% discount on all Motobatt Hybrid batteries.

Payment can be made by direct bank-in (bank transfer). Delivery charges within Peninsular Malaysia is FREE. Don’t wait up. Get your brand new Motobatt Hybrid battery now.

Call or send us a WhatsApp at 012-265 0132 (wa.me/60122650132) for assistance and further details.


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